Economic Development

No community is completely successful without a healthy and stable economy. Residents replied in surveys and at neighborhood association meetings that they would like to see new businesses in the neighborhood, such as coffee shops or laundromats. The many citizens who expressed a desire for businesses and employment opportunities led to a focus on local economic development.

The general purpose of this goal is to promote a stable local economy through the process of developing attractive spaces for new businesses and employment opportunities. The quality of life in Blaine-Southeast can be improved by providing employment opportunities and local businesses within easy access of residents. These standards are met by the individual initiatives that make up this goal group.

The initiatives that fall under this goal group range from attracting businesses and creating gathering spaces, to developing the workforce and establishing a neighborhood business district. “Attracting a Variety of Product Businesses” and “Attracting a Variety of Service Businesses” are two initiatives that focus on bringing local businesses to the neighborhood in order to spark economic development. “Establishing a Neighborhood Business District” focuses on creating an area to act as the foundation for future business development. “Creating Public Gathering Spaces” focuses on developing social spaces that increase investment in both existing and new local businesses. The initiatives “Housing and Employing Ex-Offenders” and “Workforce Development: Education and Training” provide ways to improve and equalize the employment conditions and opportunities for everyone in the neighborhood, regardless of their background.

Economic Development initiatives include:


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