Restoration and Revitalization

The Restoration and Revitalization Goals in the Blaine-Southeast Neighborhood resulted from interest from members of the Blaine-Southeast Neighborhood and Ball State students. Observations made by these two parties determined there were a significant number of structures which may be abandoned or in varying states of disrepair. Safety is often the first concern, since these structures could provide grounds for unwanted, even criminal activity. Without maintenance, these buildings may become so dilapidated that they compromise the character and appearance of the neighborhood. On a brighter note, rehabilitating structures is often more cost effective than building new ones. These buildings also offer opportunities to gather community groups together to work on something that will benefit them all.

Three initiatives compose the Restoration and Revitalization goal. They are Home Improvement and Accessibility, Restoration and Revitalization of Abandoned Factories, and Restoration and Revitalization of Abandoned Homes and Meth Labs. The Home Improvement and Accesssibility is meant to guide community members who are interested in making improvements to their homes, aesthetically and accessibility wise. Restoration of Abandoned Factories shows the abandoned factory properties in the neighborhood and addresses safety and appearance. Restoration of Abandoned Properties and Meth Labs educates the community on how to address the blighted properties in the neighborhood.

Restoration and Revitalization Intiatives Include:



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